Wacom partners with leading educational software applications to provide teachers and students with the best solutions for the virtual classroom and remote learning

News | 10.12.2020

Tokyo, Japan and Düsseldorf, Germany. – 1 December 2020 – With many schools and universities forced to shift to online teaching, Wacom is committed to provide teachers and students with innovative solutions to tackle the challenges of remote teaching, e-learning and online collaboration. Therefore, Wacom is partnering with five leading educational software applications, that make the transition to online education as smooth as possible. The edtech solutions from Collaboard, ExplainEverything, Kami, Limnu and Pear Deck help teachers to better navigate remote teaching. Combined with the intuitive and natural pen experience of the Wacom One pen display or Wacom Intuos pen tablet, they provide easy to use interactive whiteboards, video recording and real-time collaboration for the virtual classroom. As a bundle, Wacom and its partners offer teachers everything they need to interact naturally with their students for engaging lessons and facilitated communication. And because Wacom devices are compatible with all major operating systems and independent of software updates, they stay fully functional for many years – in the classroom, at home or in any other work environment.

The pen is a powerful tool and it has been used in education for centuries. With the world’s newly found focus on remote and digital learning, Wacom wanted to offer teachers, students and parents all the tools and resources they need to make the transition to online and digital teaching easier and stress-free. Together with these partners we bring the pen to the digital classroom and provide the right technology for teachers at a moment when it is needed most.

Faik Karaoglu, Executive Vice President of Wacom’s Branded Business

Bringing the pen to the virtual classroom

The following 5 software applications combined with a Wacom One or Intuos bring the advantages of traditional pen and paper or marker and whiteboard to the digital classroom. These edtech solutions allow teachers and students to continue the methods they know form a traditional classroom setting and use it to connect with each other online.

And because of Wacom’s focus on its comfort and ease of use, the pen feels natural and well balanced even after long hours of work.

  • Collaboard This web-based application focuses on educational whiteboard collaboration
  • Explain Everything Explain Everything is a recordable digital whiteboard for real-time collaboration and video recording that works on Android, iOS, Chromebook and web browser.
  • Kami, Japanese for paper, is an educational PDF editor for teaching and virtual classrooms
  • Limnu is an online whiteboard with integrated video conferencing that enables collaboration in real time from any device.
  • Pear Deck is an educator-founded company on a mission to help teachers create powerful learning moments for every student, every day.

Availability and eligibility

The new software bundles for education will be available for all Wacom One pen display and Wacom Intuos pen tablet users starting on 1 December 2020. To redeem their 3-months free premium access, customers simply register their product through the Wacom Desktop Center. Once registered and signed up for a free Wacom ID, the software offers will be available through the Software Offers section.