Teramind Introduces Business Intelligence Dashboard for Enterprises

Reportage | 26.04.2021

Teramind Inc.,a leading global provider of employee monitoring, data loss prevention (“DLP”), and workplace productivity solutions, announced the availability of its Business Intelligence (“BI”) Dashboard, a suite of reporting and analytics features to help both small and large enterprises quickly identify, visualize, and report on employee monitoring, productivity, and security data in a simple, usable, and shareable format.

As enterprises transition to a hybrid workforce with on-site, remote, and distributed teams, providing organizational oversight and attaining meaningful insights are critical to their success. However, this is a daunting task as enterprises are forced to navigate new work styles with novel productivity and communication challenges – all amplified due to the current pandemic.

"In this environment, companies are increasingly turning to different standards, tools and processes for employee monitoring to oversee their distributed teams and get some semblance of a cohesive workforce. While different types of monitoring technology can provide crucial insights into employee activity, it often lacks key features, including the ability to transform the ‘behavioral’ data into actionable intelligence regarding employee performance, engagement, workflow optimizations, and other cultural shifts. As a result, enterprises have to rely on expensive solutions that require complex integration among multiple products such as Employee Monitoring, HR, Payroll, Project Management, and other analytics tools to get meaningful business intelligence. Not anymore,” said Isaac Kohen, VP of R&D at Teramind.

Teramind is the first to introduce an Enterprise-Grade Business Intelligence Reporting tool baked into its employee monitoring and DLP solution.

This tool will equip all management levels of an enterprise with the metrics they need to make confident decisions on employee productivity, security, and HR policy backed by up-to-the-minute data and analytics.

“Traditionally, employee monitoring and data loss prevention solutions were considered a single-purpose solution often associated with security and compliance requirements. This is a wasted opportunity. A monitoring solution has access to a trove of data that can produce insights into employee behavior. If utilized properly, this in turn, could be used to optimize enterprise productivity and workflow,” said Kohen.

Teramind’s BI Dashboard fills the missing gap by translating raw monitoring data into meaningful metrics and KPIs:

  • All department managers and decision-makers need clear metrics to supervise their teams efficiently;
  • Bundled with Teramind’s award-winning employee monitoring and DLP solution, this new tool will allow business leaders to align their enterprise goals with employee productivity and performance while ensuring security and compliance;
  • Summary and drill-down reports for management reporting and smart lookups of critical security and performance related information;
  • To support these efforts, the reports are highly customizable, interactive, and intuitive;
  • Empowers enterprise teams to be more focused, decisive, and productive;
  • Helps HR leaders introduce policies and techniques for cultural improvements based on comprehensive analysis and impact assessment.

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