Synology Introduces SA3200D, Protecting Core Business Services

News | 31.01.2020

Give your business the data protection and service availability it needs.

Businesses are looking for on-premises data management solutions due to data privacy concerns, but at the same time they're expecting the ease of use and reliability of public clouds. Synology has invested heavily into both the hardware and software components powering the SA3200D to achieve maximum system uptime in a single easy to deploy package.

Jason Fan, Product Manager at Synology Inc.


High Availability

Dual storage controllers


Shared storage design


Automatic system-level protection


Up to 36 drives for 576 TB*


Maximize service uptime, minimize disruptions

Featuring an active-passive controller design, SA3200D provides hardware redundancy at every level to prevent a single point of failure. Dual storage controllers provide automatic failover protection, while the hot-swappable architecture ensures business-critical services are up and running at all times. The shared storage design and up to 500 TB1 scalable architecture reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Per controller:

  • CPU: Intel® Xeon® quad-core processor
  • 10GbE built-in: Supports faster network interface card for higher throughput
  • SATA DOM: Isolate operating system files from the stored data

Integrated data protection and availability

Easy to deploy by IT departments and greatly simplifies operations with comprehensive tools designed for businesses to safeguard their data.

  • VM, SaaS, and endpoint protection

Centralized backup solution to protect VMware and Windows Server virtual machines, Windows endpoints, Office 365, and G Suite accounts. Manage all the backup tasks from one single console and restore data instantly with flexible recovery methods.

  • Prevent data loss with snapshots and replication

Synology Snapshot Manager integrates with VMware and Windows for application-consistent data protection. Snapshot Replication enables Shared Folder and LUN protection for all other workloads.


*SA3200D supports 12 SAS interface drive bays, scalable up to 36 drives with two RXD1219sas expansion units, sold separately.