Synology DSM 7.2.1, updated Active Insight, and new performance metrics

News | 03.11.2023

Synology announced substantial improvements to its data management solution, with the DSM 7.2.1 operating system release, significant updates to Active Insight cloud service, and a new performance evaluation tool. These enhancements altogether offer enhanced resilience against emerging threats and provide greater ease and speed in deployment for customers and partners alike.

Modern businesses require robust and agile data management solutions to navigate the evolving digital landscape. Our latest advancements in DSM, Active Insight, and performance benchmarking are a testament to Synology's commitment to delivering top-tier solutions that address the unique challenges faced by our partners and customers.

Kuei-Huan Chen, Senior Director for Operating System & Infrastructure Group

Synology DSM 7.2.1: Protecting Business-Critical Data

Synology's solutions are equipped with a suite of features specifically designed to protect business data

Synology's solutions are equipped with a suite of features specifically designed to protect business data from threats, especially ransomware. The introduction of WORM folders and immutable snapshots guarantees data integrity over specified durations, making compliance with record-keeping mandates more straightforward.

With DSM 7.2.1, Synology enhances the capability for easy backup, replication, and full restoration of Synology systems to both on-premises and cloud destinations, providing IT teams with more options for backup and disaster recovery.

Active Insight: 24/7 Proactive Monitoring

Synology is launching a significant update to Active Insight.

This update features 24/7 File Activity monitoring and introduces automated responses to suspicious file activities, enhancing ransomware attack detection and mitigation.

Also part of the update is a more streamlined user interface and customer-delegation process. All functionality, including File Activity, are free for up to three systems.

Synology is launching a significant update to Active Insight

Synology. Revamped Performance Evaluation Page

Synology has revamped its performance evaluation webpage

To empower businesses in making precise sizing decisions and to assist users in selecting a Synology solution that aligns with their operational requirements, Synology has revamped its performance evaluation webpage. This updated page offers comprehensive benchmarks and performance metrics covering various aspects, including SMB, iSCSI, NFS, and IO latency, along with performance data for MailPlus, Office, and Surveillance Station.

This single-page resource is designed to provide customers with all the necessary information on a single platform, ensuring they choose a Synology solution that perfectly aligns with their operational needs.

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