Sycope introduces new version of its network traffic and security monitoring software

News | 01.02.2023

Sycope introduces new version of its network traffic and security monitoring software, including dynamic baseline and possibility to add custom NetFlow fields (discovery mode)

Network monitoring vendor Sycope introduces version 2.2 of its network monitoring and security tool. The solution is based on real-time flow analysis enriched with business context and supports companies in securing performance and improving IT security. The new version brings numerous improvements and functional enhancements.

Sycope 2.2 records, processes and analyses all parameters contained in the data streams, supplemented by SNMP, geolocation and security feeds. This makes it possible to detect network problems, measure delays and identify security threats. The tool supports NetFlow, SFlow, IPFIX, and NSEL protocols. Sycope's security function was developed based on the MITRE ATT&CK methodology. Rules and mechanisms for detecting security incidents make it possible to counter attacks and undesirable activities in the network at an early stage.

The complete system consists of individual modules for visibility, performance and security, which can be administered under a common and informative user interface. The out-of-the-box solution is easy and quick to install, is characterised by high flexibility and efficiency and also allows big data analyses with its own query language.

The new version updates include:

  • Discovery mode with custom NetFlow field analysis
  • Data role-based access control (data RBAC) for streams and exporters
  • Dynamic Baseline with trend analysis, visualization, and filtering on a single plot, and recurrent comparisons.
  • High performance with 120k/250k fps on a single all-in-one VM
  • Threat Trajectory data visualization for event analysis
  • Search history and bookmarks for efficient data analysis and sharing.

The innovations now presented are based on the company's own research and development and implement customer feedback from the field. The aim of the development is not only to provide data, but also the necessary answers to effectively improve performance and security in the network.

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