STULZ offers Computational Fluid Dynamics as a global service

News | 11.05.2023

Take the opportunity to simulate the physical data centre layout and parameters before implementing, saving resources and reducing costs. We are pleased to announce that STULZ has introduced the CFD service as a global service available to all STULZ subsidiaries, partners and customers.

What is the key feature of CFD?:

  • Data Metrics: Visualize performance with The Green Grid’s integrated Performance Indicator and view industry plots including ASHRAE, PUE & SLA compliance
  • Failure Analysis: Ensure the maintenance of the facility’s resilience: test the impact of switching off fans, pumps, chillers
  • Transient Simulation: From utilizing IT load variations to failing parts of your power and cooling infrastructure, transient simulations offer clear insight into how your data center performance fluctuates over time.
  • Be more efficient: Test the latest Indirect and Direct Free Cooling systems, including adiabatic cooling
  • External modelling: Analysis of the impact of external environmental factors such as wind profiles, terrain roughness, humidity, solar radiation and even pollution from generator exhaust.
  • Reporting: Export world-class images and videos in gif, wmv and other formats. Create a customized, automated report to demonstrate the latest design.

What added value CFD offers to the STULZ subsidiaries and partners?

  • Further enhance our reputation as one of the top cooling solution providers in the market.
  • Add value to our offering with CFD to sell our cooling solution.
  • Provide valuable input to the consultants and designers for the planning of the data hall.
  • Verify the efficiency and effectiveness of the cooling solution offered.
  • Save resources and money by simulating the physical data centre layout and parameters before implementation.

 Softprom - Value Added Distributor of STULZ.