STULZ launches coolant distribution unit CyberCool CMU

News | 27.05.2024

CyberCool CMU has been developed to maximise heat exchange by isolating the facilities water system (FWS) and technology cooling system (TCS) elements of a liquid cooling system. This significantly reduces the risk of cross-contamination and leaks, thereby enhancing overall reliability. It also provides precise control over each side of the cooling system, enabling better management of coolant flow rates, temperatures and pressure, which improves overall system efficiency. As it is precision engineered, CyberCool CMU accurately controls the supply temperature and flow rate of the coolant with minimal power consumption. More>>


Comprising premium grade water pumps, plate heat exchangers, water valves and controllers, CyberCool CMU provides a reliable and efficient liquid coolant supply. High liquid coolant quality is ensured through sanitary grade stainless-steel pipelines, and to enhance system compatibility the unit offers a range of structural, electrical and control options including the flexibility to accommodate customer specific configurations and power loads. Alongside a series of standard unit configurations and capacities, this new product line from STULZ can offer a high level of customization, adapting to specific needs in the DLC market.

Most important benefits

  • Supports Free Cooling throughout the year (ASHRAE W32 - W+ warm water cooling)
  • To enhance system compatibility, the unit offers a range of structural, electrical, and control options, including the flexibility to accommodate different liquids, power loads, and optional THDi filter
  • Compact design with different sizes for easy integration into existing server rack structures
  • Integrated anti-condensation function
  • Optional leakage detection