SplitAir4 from Stulz: advanced cooling technology for technical rooms

News | 08.11.2023

With the rapid technological revolution and increasing demands on the reliability of technical spaces, solving the problem of optimal cooling is becoming a key success factor for many organisations. The SplitAir4 series from Stulz is a leading-edge solution to ensure stable operating conditions for equipment.

SplitAir4 from Stulz - is the world leader in precision cooling for small technical rooms with a total heat load of 5 to 50 kW. Its advanced features optimise operating conditions and ensure high cooling efficiency.

SplitAir4 від Stulz

  • Precision cooling: Stulz's SplitAir4 provides highly accurate temperature control, ensuring reliable protection against equipment overheating.
  • Energy efficiency: The innovative technologies used in the SplitAir4 are designed to reduce energy consumption, making it a cost-effective solution.
  • Flexible installation: Both ceiling and wall mounting options provide placement options to help optimise space.
  • Integrated security systems: Built-in security features to prevent unauthorised access and protect equipment.
  • Future growth: The system is ready for the rapidly evolving IT environment and new requirements for technical spaces.

With the Stulz SplitAir4 you can be sure of safety and reliable operation of your equipment! Please contact us for details and ordering. Softprom is an official distributor Stulz.