[Speech recording] Bentley Systems BIM Digital Twin Model

Reportage | 07.06.2024

BIM Digital Twin (Bentley Systems) — new approach to infrastructure design and management

We would like to offer you a recording of a presentation by a Bentley Systems representative on the topic of "BIM Digital Twin in infrastructure" at the BIM Forum, which took place in Kyiv on May 30, 2024.

Bentley Systems' BIM Digital Twin model — all infrastructure data from design, construction, operations and management on a single digital platform.

In the presentation:

  • Demonstration of BIM Digital Twin on the example of airport construction. How you can use the model to manage all project data, get a quick overview of your project in different contexts. To virtually plan, manage and monitor construction on site. Optimize maintenance with intelligent analytics.
  • Project plan visualization capabilities with BIM 4D and BIM 6D.
  • Examples of realized projects with BIM Digital Twin.

Full recording of the broadcast 5th International BIM Forum in Ukraine "DIGITAL GOVERNANCE & EDUCATION".

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