Softprom signed a distribution agreement with Xnoova, owner of Chimpa UEM+MTD All-in-One platform.

News | 24.01.2023

January 2023 — Softprom - Value-Added IT Distributor, and Xnoova, a provider of Chimpa Unified Endpoint Management and Mobile Threat Defense solution signed a distribution agreement.

Softprom will promote and distribute Chimpa in the European Union, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Moldova, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan.

Xnoova provides a UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) and MTD (Mobile Threat Defense) entirely developed in Italy and is proposed as one of the few solutions on the market that can adapt to different scenarios and the only one matching management and safety of devices at once.

Chimpa can be used effectively wherever there are devices with a mobile operating system in scenarios such as

  • Managing the company’s mobile devices or BYOD.
  • Managing mobile devices in warehouses and industry – from the tablet to barcode scanners based on Android, ioS and Windows.
  • Managing multiple devices with different operating systems from a single admin panel. It also allows the remote management of the device and facilitates the administrator in setting the rules of use, restrictions and settings in addition to monitoring their status.
  • In the HoReCa sector and retail, Chimpa is the perfect solution for monitoring the operation, distribution, and scheduling of content to tablets and digital displays.
  • Managing medical devices and tablets that are used in hospitals.
About Xnoova

Xnoova — design ICT, cybersecurity and software solutions for enterprise and school. Xnoova Srl (part of Italian Ligra Group) is the owner of the innovative UEM+MTD platform named Chimpa.  Chimpa is a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) and Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) All-in-one platform designed to manage, monitor, and secure Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

Chimpa’s easy-to-use cloud-based console can provide to SME, Enterprise, and large corporation the peace of mind of a full control of their company devices as well as all BYOD devices, providing a high-quality security protection through three lines of defense: User Restrictions (Attack surface reduction), Active Defence (AV, Anti phishing, Hash file, Firewall) and Proactive Defence (Threat Intelligence). Chimpa’s software has been designed “with security in mind” by a high skilled team of developers.