Softprom signed a distribution agreement with Cloudflare, the Internet security, performance & reliability company.

News | 07.04.2021

April 2021 — Softprom, Value Added IT Distributor and Cloudflare, the Internet security, performance & reliability company, announced a distribution signed agreement. According the contract, Softprom will promote Cloudflare solutions in the CIS market, Georgia and Russia. 

Cloudflare is a large Internet infrastructure  provider for various web IT security services such as DDoS protection, Web Application Firewall, secure access, CDN, and DNS.

“The number of DDoS attacks is constantly growing. Cloudflare is a very well-known vendor, and we are pleased to offer their solutions to our partners,” —

said Paul Zhdanovych, Managing Director of Softprom.

“I like to begin any conversation by grounding in the mission because it guides everything we do. Our mission is bold but simple - to help build a better internet.  One that is faster, more secure and more reliable for all.
To achieve this mission, we have built a global cloud platform that helps organisations secure, accelerate their applications and employee access.

Cloudflare’s network has the breadth and scale that organizations need to run their Internet applications.  Organizations benefit from our unique architecture has all products and services running on every server, in every data center, improving our network for our customers with every new colo. Our network offers scale, the performance that helps organisations deliver superior application experience while keeping their environments secur” —

said Anwar Karzazi - EMEA Head of Channel Sales & Partnerships.