Softprom signed a distribution agreement with BrandShield — monitors, detects & removes online threats

News | 13.09.2021

September 2021 — Softprom, a leading value-added IT distributor in Central and Eastern Europe, has signed a distribution agreement with BrandShield, a leading provider of cyber security solutions from brand protection to online threat hunting.

According to the contract, Softprom will provide distribution and promotion of BrandShield products in the European Union, Switzerland, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

Using AI & big-data based technology, BrandShield monitors and finds online phishing, impersonation, counterfeit sales, trademark infringement and brand abuse in multiple platforms, detects & removes online threats to a growing international blue-chip client base. BrandShield solutions automatically analyses the potential risks based on content, web-metrics & other data points.

Softprom will distribute of BrandShield products:

Anti-Phishing provides a complete online threat map, by monitoring the Internet including social media to detect phishing sites and pages, impersonation and online fraud.

Brand Protection detects and removes cybersquatting, including domain jacking and typosquatting. Comes with full protection agaimst product listings, websites, and social media accounts that infringe on your intellectual property, sell counterfeit products and commit other online scams.

Executive Impersonation finds and removes online impersonation such as fake social accounts or spoofed domains.

Anti-Counterfeiting crawling and scraping capabilities enable the system to automatically cover hundreds of marketplaces and online platforms.

Trademark Infringement proactively searches and detects domains with your name, infringement in web content, including logos and visual trademarks.

Social Media Fraud monitoring social media networks to detect C-level impersonation or phishing accounts, and remove them before they are used to lure employees to provide personal or sensitive data like credentials to your networks, or to provide new fake payment details to a partner or even to create a scandal using your name.

PPC Ad Protection scans any search term of your choice on Google and Bing, monitors for this brand 24/7 and provides detailed reports of PPC ads that abuse or misuse your brands or trademarks.

Affiliate Monitoring unique capabilities to monitor your affiliates and detect compliance violations before the regulators do and thus, gain reputation and avoid sanctions.