Softprom received the status of a Google Cloud Partner

News | 13.04.2023

Softprom has expanded its portfolio of cloud solutions by authorization from Google Cloud Partner to provide customers with solutions for the implementation of cloud services.

April 2023 — Softprom has fulfilled the requirements of the global Google Cloud Partner Advantage program and received a partner status in the Google Cloud direction, which makes it possible to provide customers with a full range of GCP services in the CEE region.

Softprom - Google Cloud Sell Partner

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a cloud platform of one of the leaders among cloud providers, which allows you to create a flexible and fault-tolerant infrastructure for companies of various sizes — from small and medium businesses to large corporations.

Using solutions based on GCP services allows customers to optimize the efficiency of their IT infrastructure and significantly reduce the cost of maintaining and managing it.

Google Cloud Platform services include:

  • Virtual servers
  • Databases
  • Data storage
  • Containerization services
  • Software development tools, analytics, machine learning
  • … and other cloud services from the Google Cloud Platform

Benefits of the platform for clients:

  • Quick access and launch of computing resources.
  • Large list of services to perform various infrastructure tasks.
  • Technical support 24/7
  • Pay only for the resources used. Various payment models are available.
  • Operating costs instead of capital.

The rich functionality of Google Cloud Platform services enables customers to minimize the risks associated with emergency events, ensure maximum fault tolerance of the infrastructure, and allows clients to focus on the implementation of their core business tasks.

Expanding the portfolio of cloud services and providing multi-cloud solutions allows Softprom's clients to receive services from one proven competent supplier with more than ten years of experience in this field.

The Softprom team consists of certified technical specialists and consultants whose experience and knowledge help companies of any size and segment to implement cloud solutions in accordance with the world's leading practices.