Softprom has expanded its portfolio of video surveillance with AI-based video analytics by Incoresoft

News | 11.08.2022

2022 一 Softprom, Value Added IT Distributor, has signed a distribution agreement with Incoresoft company, which develops video analytics solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks technologies.

In accordance with the contract, Softprom promotes and supplies VEZHA® software in the following countries: Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan.

VEZHA® is the software developed by Incoresoft for video surveillance and integrated security systems.

VEZHA® is the video analytics that includes more than 17 different modules, including Face and License Plate Recognition, Pose Estimation, Gun Detection, Hard Hat Detection, and much more.

Incoresoft VEZHA® software can be used as a standalone solution or in conjunction with Milestone XProtect® video management software.

Incoresoft solutions cover the needs of safe cities, banks, industry, and retail, and are suitable for education and commercial facilities.

We see a great interest from partners and customers for Incoresoft solutions. The VEZHA® software is very actively being developed, has powerful functionality, and solves a lot of problems of both existing and new projects. With VEZHA® our partners can solve any video analytics problem for their clients.

Alona Shvetsova, Director of Security Systems Division, Softprom

About Incoresoft

Incoresoft develops solutions in the field of video analytics and object detection based on artificial intelligence technologies and neural networks under the VEZHA® brand

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