Softprom and Rhebo signed a partnership agreement

News | 19.02.2020

In February, Softprom, Value Added Distributor in Eastern Europe, and Rhebo, Europe’s leading provider of monitoring solutions for automated industrial networks, announced signing of a partnership agreement.
Rhebo’s mission is to ensure both cybersecurity and operational stability of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Industrial IoT infrastructure in industrial, energy and water companies.

Rhebo’s flagship solution Rhebo Industrial Protector monitors and analyzes the entire communication throughout the ICS at content level using deep packet inspection technology. The integrated anomaly detection identifies and reports any deviation in real-time that could be caused by cyberattacks, malfunctions, software errors or technical error states.

The solution also guarantees an up-to-date inventory of all assets, compounds and properties. The ICS monitoring works without interfering with the infrastructure or industrial processes. Over the last years Rhebo has been securing and auditing a large number of ICS in particular in the German energy sector and other industrial critical infrastructures.