Softprom becomes an official distributor of SIGA OT Solutions

News | 04.05.2020

May 4th 2020, Softprom, Value Added Distributor in Eastern Europe, and SIGA OT Solutions, an industrial asset analytics and cybersecurity company, announced the signing of a distribution agreement.

Through direct monitoring of raw and unfiltered electrical signals directly from sensors, – the SigaPlatform provides complete out-of-band unrivaled visibility and remote monitoring directly into physical processes to support intelligent, business-critical decision making. SIGA’s Machine Learning Algorithms provide a direct understanding of any mission-critical process including, power generation, oil and gas processing, water supply, industrial production, building management systems and much more.

The SIGA products include SigaGuard, a comprehensive cyber cybersecurity solution for Operational Technology (OT) environments, offering the most advanced detection and analytics of cyber-attacks, and the SigaInsight, an Autonomous, IIoT Solution for Operational ICS Environments, Offering Anomaly and Process Inefficiencies Detection, and Advanced Industrial Analytics.

SIGA's Emerging Failure Detection technology identifies anomalies (Safety and Security) at an early stage so that operators can prevent damage to people, equipment, the environment and the company's reputation. SIGA OT Solutions uses machine learning and predictive analytics to identify real-time process abnormalities, whether due to a technical malfunction or a cyber-attack.

The joint distribution partnership between Softprom and SIGA will allow future development of robust industry 4.0 solutions in the East-European region. Softprom’s integration capabilities and professional expertise in the ICS environment, coupled with SIGA’s unique technology, will enhance local industries and critical-infrastructures with superior tools to cope both with routine challenges, but also with unusual situations, such as the Covid-19 epidemic via intelligent remote-monitoring capabilities.

Key benefits of Siga Platform for customers:

  • Quick and easy to deploy - a unique location between critical process sensors and PLCs.
  • Accuracy- displays the real working status of the client’s equipment.
  • No false alarms - early warning without false alarms or missed anomalies.
  • Reliability - full integration at the primary level. The most reliable source of information.
  • Machine learning - artificial intelligence algorithms eliminate the need for complex rule settings.
  • You cannot get around - 100% outside the control system. Installed in place in complete isolation from external communication networks.

About Softprom

Softprom is a leading Value Added Distributor in the CIS and European countries, trusted by over 1000 partners. The company Softprom was founded in 1999 and nowadays it is represented on the territory in more than 30 countries. Softprom provides professional testing, training, installation, implementation and technical support services.

About SIGA OT Solutions

SIGA OT Solutions has developed a unique OT & Cyber Security, protocol agnostic solutions based on raw electrical signals of level 0, with a range of solutions for industrial applications. With many satisfied customers and users in the USA, MEA, Europe and APAC, SIGA is an innovative leader in industrial process anomaly detection. Throughout the network, from critical industrial infrastructure to cybersecurity, our customers are reliably and truly protected.