Softprom and Profitap partner to provide network monitoring and security solutions to Europe & CIS countries

News | 18.11.2020

November 2020 — Softprom, Value Added IT Distributor and PROFItap, a provider of hardware solutions for network and traffic analysis, signed a partnership agreement.

According the contract, Softprom became the official partner of Profitap, Softprom becomes an official partner of Profitap and will supply and promote Profitap's solution in the Europe, CIS, Georgia and Ukraine.

All of these network visibility solutions — from state-of-the-art network TAPs and portable capture devices to network traffic analyzers — are designed with security, forensics, deep packet capture, and network & application performance monitoring sectors in mind.

Profitap solutions have been added to Softprom's portfolio in the Network Visibility and Monitoring categories:

  1. Traffic Access — network devices that analyze traffic without interfering with the network. Complete visibility in physical and virtual networks.
  2. Traffic Aggregation & Intelligence — Network Packet Brokers provide an extra layer to the monitoring platform, which helps aggregate and distribute the right traffic to the right tools efficiently. In addition, additionally they provide load balancing, replication, aggregation, advanced filtering, packet slicing, GTP IP filtering, timestamping, GTP correlation, packet deduplication, ERSPAN (De) tunneling.
  3. Traffic Capture & Analysis — network analysis solution with internal capture storage and analysis software, which relies on raw packet data and metadata extraction enabling both real-time and historical network analysis.

Network projects often require split and duplication of traffic. TAPs are indispensable for reducing the cost of a project when you have connected IT Security solutions. Many customers appreciated the European quality of PROFItap solutions, with experience for 30 years, without even knowing that PROFItap is a large OEM supplier. Our partners will be able to significantly reduce the cost of such solutions.

Paul Zhdanovych, managing director at Softprom.