Softprom achieves AWS Migration Competency

News | 26.01.2024

Softprom — partner AWS Migration Acceleration Program

The Softprom company announced in January 2024 that it has achieved the Migration Competency status of Amazon Web Services (AWS). This status confirms that Softprom has professional competencies in providing comprehensive cloud services for companies in the corporate sector and has deep knowledge of AWS services.

Softprom AWS Migration Competency

The company has successful experience in implementing complex migration and infrastructure modernization projects using the Amazon Web Services cloud platform: from auditing the current IT-infrastructure to migrating and deploying the client’s infrastructure in the cloud, project and technical support for the customer.

MAP Partner status is granted to AWS partners who have appropriately qualified personnel, have implemented the migration methodology proposed by AWS, and have completed a number of infrastructure migration projects to the cloud for Enterprise level companies.

AWS Migration Competency Prerequisites

Obtaining such a high status was preceded by painstaking work and the implementation of a number of metrics confirming the professional level of engineers, as well as a number of successfully completed projects with a full range of services.

During 2023, Softprom implemented 4 Enterprise projects, each of which lasted more than six months and included all stages of infrastructure migration to the cloud. Leading Ukrainian companies in such segments as banks, retail, and digital technologies became participants in the Migration Acceleration Program (MAP).

Comprehensive approach to migrating to the cloud Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) provides clients with the following services for transforming the IT-infrastructure:

  • Detailed audit of the customer's infrastructure
  • Development of a strategy and plan for migration/infrastructure modernization
  • Assisting the client in the migration/upgrade process
  • Free trial period
  • Leveraging AWS Methodologies to Reduce Infrastructure Costs
  • Training of customer employees.

Under the terms of the Migration Acceleration Program, the customer receives certain financial benefits from AWS, as well as partner support at every stage of migration, expert support and training in working with AWS services.

Softprom, together with clients, audits the current infrastructure, develops a migration plan, helps deploy infrastructure in the cloud, and provides consulting on modernization opportunities.

Of course, one of the significant advantages of the MAP program is its structured approach to migration. The program includes the following stages - assessment, preparation, migration and modernization, each of which has a step-by-step algorithm of actions. By following this algorithm and performing the necessary steps step by step, companies significantly reduce the duration of migration, making the likelihood of errors and unexpected costs virtually impossible.

Alexander Yena, BDM of Application and Cloud Solutions Department SOFTPROM

Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) benefits

5 key advantages of the Migration Acceleration Program (MAP), highlighted by Softprom engineers and clients:

  1. MAP is an efficient way to migrate workloads to the cloud. The program provides a structured approach to migration, helping companies avoid mistakes and unexpected costs
  2. MAP can help companies reduce migration time. The program helps companies develop a migration plan that takes into account all aspects of the business and customer needs
  3. MAP can help companies improve the efficiency of their workloads in the cloud. The program helps companies optimize their workloads for cloud infrastructure. This can help companies improve productivity and pay only for the services they use.
  4. MAP can help companies gain access to innovative cloud technologies. The program helps companies leverage innovative cloud technologies from AWS. This can help companies gain a competitive advantage.
  5. MAP is a valuable resource for companies considering a cloud migration. The program offers a number of benefits that can help companies successfully complete their migration with the desired results.

AWS offers scalable, flexible, and cost-effective services for businesses from startups to global enterprises. To ensure efficient integration and deployment of these solutions, AWS has developed a competency program to help customers find partners with deep industry experience and knowledge.

Softprom — Advance Consulting Partner AWS as part of the Solution Provider Program with verified AWS Retail Competencies and AWS Migration Competencies.