SOAR solutions becomes one of the main information security trends.

News | 19.08.2020

Cybercriminals constantly looking for new ways to attack. For some of them, finding security holes is of sporting interest, while for others it is a major source of income. The constant search for ways to compromise data is ongoing, the methods used are becoming more cunning and sophisticated, and the flaws found almost immediately become public.

comments Roman Velbovets, Business Development Manager of the Siemplify at Softprom

Research shows that SOCs in organizations are extremely overloaded with the number of alerts and threat notifications and this situation is getting worse year by year. Nowadays, a person can no longer compete with a computer in speed, and sometimes - in the quality of decisions. It is not surprising that in the field of combating cyber threats, where quick response is very important, corporate information security services have begun to rely more and more on automation tools – so, it’s not a surprise that SOAR solutions have become one of the main information security trends recently.

According to Gartner, by 2020 15% of the companies in which the IS department consists of 5 or more people, will use the SOAR system (security operations, analytics and reporting).

What does it do?

The Siemplify SOAR platform combines security orchestration, automation, and response with end-to-end security operations management to make analysts more productive, security engineers more effective, and managers more informed about the SOC.
The main indicator of the effectiveness of the implemented SOAR solution is a significant reduction (by several times, and sometimes by orders of magnitude) in the response time to an identified incident. In addition, Siemplify platform allows you to track, measure and improve SOC performance.
Finally, because all security operations activity is now captured in a single platform you can begin to leverage this theater to track and measure your security operations and identified areas for improvement.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Siemplify SOAR platform was designed "from scratch" specifically for the SOC and goes well beyond just SOAR and playbooks. Everything in the platform, from case management to crisis management, has been designed to ensure that security teams work effectively and efficiently.
Siemplify uses a patented threat centric approach that groups alerts from across your detection tools into single threat centric cases. This is a powerful paradigm shift that ensures your analysts are spending their time on threats versus chasing alerts, and provides huge efficiency gains. patented threat- centered approach that groups alerts across all detection tools into single cases 
And finally, most SOAR solutions were designed with the expert user in mind and require expensive busy and hard to find security engineers in order to be effective. The Siemplify platform is “powerfully simple” - it’s simple and intuitive platform allows less experienced analysts to be productive and ramp up quickly.

SOAR integration and deployment fast and easy

Fast and easy integration of SOAR with existing IT systems and ecosystem of the enterprise is one of the main requirements for such solutions. The Siemplify SOAR platform has more than 200 connectors for various IT systems and security tools, which guarantees easy and fast integration. Add to this 80 preinstalled and customizable playbooks - and you will understand that from the perspective of the integration platform Siemplify has no alternatives.

Key benefits of using Siemplify SOAR:

  • Manage security operations from a single platform
  • Orchestrate tools to work together
  • Create consistent, automated processes and slash response times
  • Focus limited security talent on higher value work
  • Reduce alert overload
  • Track, measure and improve SOC performance of the enterprise.         

Threat-centric approach

  • Powerfully Simple (Powerful for Engineers, Simple for Analysts)
  • Integrated crisis-management
  • Playbook lifecycle management
  • Cloud-native platform
  • Ready-to-deploy use cases
  • Business Intelligence

Brief conclusions

Using Siemplify SOAR increases the speed and quality of response to incidents, reduces the load on the IS specialists, thus allows to use of their time and skills more effectively. This also allows the company to be less vulnerable and more productive, avoiding reputational risks and downtime. Also, with the constantly growing number of new incidents, the company still will be able to manage it with the existing stuff.
19.08.2020 By Roman Velbovets, Business Development Manager of the Siemplify at Softprom