Save up to 60% on Cadence AWR Design Environment products.

Promotions | 10.09.2020

Softprom and Cadence announced in September the start of the AWR Design Environment Annual Subscription (TBL) promo campaign..

Promotion period:to 30.11.2020.

Developers of electronic devices will be able to purchase Cadence products with discounts up to 60% or more in the following sets::

  • AWR Microwave Office Linear Advanced (AWRMWO126) + AWR Visual System Simulator StartUp (AWRVSS150);
  • AWR Microwave Office RF PCB Advanced(AWRMWO246) +AWR Visual System Simulator Advanced (AWRVSS350).

The promotional cost applies to bundled offers and is available for 1, 2 and 3 year subscriptions.

1 year set subscription price


AWR Microwave Office: Linear Advanced + AWR Visual System Simulator: Startup

$23 600

$10 000,00

/ year / liсense/



AWR Microwave Office: RF PCB Advanced + AWR Visual System Simulator: Advanced

$51 800

$20 000,00

/ year / license /


Softprom managers will help you choose the AWR Design Environment package proposal that will best suit your design tasks.

You can also order a trial license and test the product. Order a consultation!