Red Sift Offer: Email Security Audit

Promotions | 12.08.2021

Softprom - the official distributor of RED SIFT in Europe and Central Asia, offers partners to pass a free Email Security Audit, , Red Sift offers users the necessary automated tools - from network monitoring to email analysis and authentication, designed to protect users and brand reputation.

Red Sift Offer: Email Security Audit by Softprom

Connect your domain to the cloud-based email security protocol analytics platform - DMARK. Providing a no-commitment Threat Intelligence report which would provide you with a wealth of intelligence around your email and brand security maturity.

The report will include:

  • Identify all email sending sources, both legitimate and illegitimate
  • Identify shadow IT
  • Location of all illegitimate sending sources
  • Threat Intelligence into all IPs sending emails on behalf of your organisation
  • Full detail on how to protect your clients against impersonations
  • A full overview of DNS configuration

Red Sift Offer: Email Security Audit this offer is available to potential customers of Red Sift solutions. To receive an offer, fill out our feedback form.

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