Rapid7's new Executive Risk View solution for cyber risk reduction in hybrid environments

News | 17.08.2023

Rapid7, a leader in cloud risk and threat detection, announces industry-first solution for Holistically Visualizing and Reducing Cyber Risk in Hybrid Environments. Rapid7 Executive Risk View provides security leaders with the comprehensive visibility and context needed to reduce total risk across both cloud and on-premises assets. A new solution is available within Rapid7’s Cloud Risk Complete offering.

The Executive Risk View solution ingests data via purpose-built collection mechanisms depending on whether those workloads are running on-premises or in the cloud. This means users get complete visibility into risk across their hybrid environment, in a manner that eliminates blind spots and has the ability to scale as needed.

Additionally, the threat-aware risk scoring methodology aggregates and normalizes assessments from on-premises and cloud environments, which typically have different scoring systems. A unified, interactive dashboard brings clarity to vulnerabilities and the risk they represent, and trending information shows progress over time. This information-rich view allows security teams to prioritize remediation actions and share insights cross functionally to quickly and effectively address the risks that matter most to the business.

We believe that, until now, security leaders haven’t had a compelling way to address the need for a unified perspective of risk across cloud and on-prem environments. Executive Risk View does just that, eliminating the tedious manual work and confusion created by context switching between multiple tools. The benefits of Executive Risk View will be felt across an organization, especially at the decision-making level. The data this solution provides will enable more accurate and timely decisions involving capacity planning, resource allocation, technology investments, and more

Aniket Menon, vice president, product management, Rapid7

Rapid7 Executive Risk View

Rapid7 Executive Risk View features:

  • Achieve a complete view of risk across their hybrid environments to effectively communicate risk across the organization and track progress.
  • Establish a consistent definition of risk across their organization, aggregating insights and normalizing scores from on-premises and cloud assessments.
  • Take a data-driven approach to decision making, capacity planning and drive accountability for risk reduction across the entire business.

With Cloud Risk Complete, you receive a practitioner-first solution built on consolidation, optimization, and automation. You’re also enabled to better understand organizational risk posture via Executive Risk View: a powerful dashboard that delivers the comprehensive visibility and context needed to track total risk across hybrid environments. With unlimited vulnerability management, application security testing, and automated workflows, you can analyze, respond to, and remediate risks without a patchwork of solutions or additional costs.

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