Protect organisations reliably with CyberArk Conjur Secrets Manager Enterprise

News | 18.06.2024

In today's cybersecurity world, where threats are becoming increasingly complex and frequent, companies face continuous challenges in securing their data and systems. One of the key challenges in this context is managing the secrets and credentials that are used to access critical systems and applications. 

CyberArk Conjur Secrets Manager Enterprise is a robust secrets management solution that provides high security and meets today's business requirements.

Confidential information such as API keys, passwords, and tokens are critical elements for applications and services. Leakage or compromise of this data can have serious consequences, including loss of sensitive information, financial loss, and reputation damage. CyberArk Conjur Secrets Manager Enterprise provides centralised management and protection of data, minimising the risks of data leakage.

  • Integration with DevOps and DevSecOps

With the rapid deployment of applications and services, especially in DevOps and DevSecOps environments, it is important to ensure security at all stages of the development lifecycle. Conjur seamlessly integrates with CI/CD pipelines and DevOps tools such as Jenkins, GitLab and Docker to provide automated secrets and credentials management. This allows developers and engineers to focus on their work without worrying about secrets security.

  • Support for multi-cloud and hybrid environments

Modern enterprises are increasingly using multi-cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructures for their operations. Conjur supports data management in these environments by securing keys and passwords, whether they are stored in on-premises data centres or in the cloud. This is particularly important for organisations seeking flexibility and scalability in their IT resources.

  • Realising the Zero Trust concept

The Zero Trust concept, based on the principle of "trust no one", requires strict access control to systems and data. CyberArk Conjur Secrets Manager Enterprise enables this concept through role-based access control (RBAC) and strict privilege control. This ensures that only authorised users and applications have access to the secrets they need, reducing the risk of internal and external threats.

  • Security automation

Managing sensitive data manually is a time-consuming and error-prone process. Conjur automates many aspects of secrets management such as password rotation, access monitoring and incident response. This not only makes security teams more efficient, but also reduces the likelihood of human error that can lead to data compromise.

  • Compliance and regulation

Many businesses are required to comply with various standards and regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS. CyberArk Conjur Secrets Manager Enterprise helps ensure compliance with these requirements by securely managing secrets and providing detailed reporting and auditing. This simplifies the process of passing audits and reduces the risk of fines and penalties.

  • Increased reliability and resilienceи

Utilising robust security mechanisms makes Conjur a reliable data management solution. It offers backup and recovery features, as well as secure access to sensitive information even during emergencies. This ensures business continuity and resilience to potential attacks and disruptions.

CyberArk Conjur Secrets Manager Enterprise is an indispensable tool for modern enterprises seeking to ensure a high level of security for their data and systems. Its automation capabilities, DevOps integration, multi-cloud support and Zero Trust implementation make it the ideal solution for managing secrets in the face of growing cyber threats. By investing in Conjur, enterprises have a reliable means to protect their critical data and ensure business resilience.