Protect APIs in 5 Easy Steps

News | 06.12.2023

Developers publish APIs at a rapid pace and the margin for error is high. Cyber criminals are targeting design flaws in the business logic functionality of APIs to carry out malicious activity and steal sensitive data.

Here are 5 easy steps to protect your APIs from business logic abuse. Imperva recommends.

  1. Block application layer attacks with WAF. A WAF acts as a deterrent against business logic abuse as it blocks reconnaissance attacks like malicious web traffic and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS attacks).
  2. Protect against bad bots. The bad bot problem is getting worse with 38% of API attacks in 2022 consisting of bad bots abusing business logic and other automated threats. Bot protection prevents API manipulation by automated attacks.
  3. Discover, classify and protect APIs. Business logic rules are unique to each API making them an ideal target for automated attacks. Discovery and classification gives you visibility of your risky APIs and helps protect against business logic abuse.
  4. Combine API security and bot protection. Combining and enables you to identify and protect APIs most at risk from bad bots which attackers use to identify API vulnerabilities like Broken Objective Level Authorization (BOLA).
  5. Protect everything in one console. Impervas comprehensive single stack combines Imperva API security and Advanced Bot Protection with WAF to provide the best protection for your applications and APIs against business logic abuse in one Unified Management Console.

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