[Promo Q3] SMART Chimpa UEM + MTD all-in-one

Promotions | 17.07.2023

Promo SMART Chimpa for small and medium businesses. Get a promotional price and secure your mobile corporate devices with Chimpa UEM + MTD all-in-one.

Chimpa annual subscription price (MSRP) is 18.00€ for 1 license. Maximum number 25 licensees. Promotion period: July 17 - September 29, 2023

Strictly designed for the medium and small business companies which want to start a real mobile security strategy, Chimpa SMART is a solution based on cloud (Italian region located) which allows you to manage, control and protect any device based on Android, iOS, iPadOS, tvos and Windows 10/11, such as Smartphones, Handhelds, Tablets, Notebooks, PCs, Kiosks, Flat Panels: monitoring and controlling them remotely, protecting them from possible intrusions and the theft of the most valuable data, thanks to its module focused on defense against threats «mobile» (Mobile Threat Defense).

Focal points:

  • Cloud based SaaS EU located through a Tier 3 Data Center.
  • 100% source code owned.
  • Cross platform solution (Android iOS Windows) on different form factor devices such as: IFPs Smartphones, Tablets, PDAs Notebooks & PC.
  • Over 200 device restrictions available through a web dashboard.
  • Massive Zero. Touch, Apple DEP and Windows Autopilot deployment.
  • Full Device protection through dedicated Firewall, Advanced Anti- Virus/Malware, Mail & Messaging Anti phishing system, Advanced Threat Intelligence engine.

Chimpa - Security features:

  • Chimpa protects your organization from staff improper use, knowingly and/or unaware, of devices, with GDPR compliance, separating personal and business data.
  • Apps, data, information, and business content are encrypted and protected by the Anti-Virus AI based module to protect data from threats such as Malware, Trojans and Ransomware that use the web (malicious sites) and email (Phishing) as attack vectors.

Chimpa - Control features: Chimpa provides a series of an easy-touse tools that can manage your devices in a granular and efficient way in order to prevent any inappropriate use. The Chimpa Dashboard, available on a web browser from any device, allows you to create and manage policies and flows flexibly and quickly.

Chimpa - Geolocalization: Chimpa provides anti-theft or loss of devices through the Lost Mode feature. Leveraging on Geolocalization the lost or theft device can be localized and blocked to prevent unproper usage.

Chimpa - Apple Integration: The Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Apple Business Manager allow you to automate the registration of Apple devices massively and to speed up the initial setup. The Volume Purchase Program allows schools and companies to purchase apps and books by volume and distribute them to their users, managed Apple IDs or devices.

Chimpa - Android integration: Chimpa has a deep integration with Android, through Google Play Managed and Google Play Protect services, thanks to the multi-year technological partnership between Chimpa and Android, who certified Chimpa as “Android Enterprise EMM provider”. Mass recording of devices 100% automatized through Android Enterprise Zero-Touch, QR Code, NFC or EMM Token. Through Chimpa you can Synchronize your Google Workspace (GSuite) domain accounts, access services, and import organizational units and users.

Chimpa - Windows integration: Chimpa seamlessly integrates with the main Microsoft services: a strong point which gives a great easy-to-use and effectiveness to the management and enrollment phase and to the management and security of Windows-based devices. Thanks to the Windows Autopilot configuration, the devices can be configured massively and 100% automatically. The integration with Azure allows you a simple and automatic management of users and groups.

Chimpa - Samsung integration : Chimpa is a Samsung Knox Validated solution compliance to Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME), Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE), Knox Service Plugin (KSP) and supports Knox integrated features such as Remote screen control, APN, Knox Attestation, SIM management.

Main Features SMART Chimpa UEM + MTD all-in-one:

  • App Management
  • Updates Management
  • Restrictions
  • Profile types and applicable configuration
  • Url filter
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Geofence
  • TLS SSL https encryption
  • Advanced End 2 End encryption and code signing
  • IOS & Android integrity check
  • Continuous AntiMalware Scan

Softprom is a Value Added Distributor of Chimpa (Xnoova). We provide professional support in testing, training, and implementation of Chimpa (Xnoova).