Painter 2022: Must-Have Upgrade for Professional Artists Delivers a Faster, More Powerful Digital Painting Experience

News | 25.06.2021

OTTAWA, June 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Painter 2022 responds to users’ top requests and delivers a must-have upgrade by expanding creative possibilities. Designed for Windows 10 and macOS, this powerful and creative digital painting software adds enhancements that focus on accelerating workflows, boosting brush performance, and improving layer productivity to offer a game-changing digital art studio for today’s professional and aspiring artists.

We know the critical role Painter plays in professional artists’ workflows and are honored to be part of the creative process of bringing some of pop culture's most iconic movies, characters and games to life. With this version we focused on our customers’ top requests and whether it’s improvements to brushes, boosted speed or refining how you work with layers, Painter 2022 delivers a faster and more powerful digital painting experience. If you’re a pro who depends on Painter and lives by deadlines, we invite you to discover why this version is the upgrade you’ve been looking for.

Chris Pierce, Director of Product for Photo and Digital Arts at Corel

Painter® is a tool of choice for professional artists looking for the freedom to create realistic hand-painted results while working across a variety of industries, including entertainment, illustration, photography, manga and fine art. Working closely with power users, the Painter team has implemented significant workflow enhancements across the application. Highlights include:

NEW! Stamp-type brush customization: These popular brushes are now more versatile than ever. Change shape, edge effects, rotation, squeeze and anti-aliasing on-the-fly. Plus, create your own dabs, and organize, import and export libraries from the Captured dab Panel.

NEW! Watercolor brushes and workflow: Enhance your artistic creations with new Watercolor-compatible brushes and improved workflow options. Easily paint with dry media types on Watercolor layers resulting in new creative mixed-media looks. Plus, Watercolor layers can be easily transformed without needing to convert to a default layer.

NEW! Brush Library experience: Enjoy new categories, variants and brush previews, plus easily find, filter, and favorite beloved brushes right from the Brush Selector. Brush categories and variants have been renamed, reorganized and streamlined for a more logical content experience.

NEW! Brush Size Selector: Quickly and easily choose a brush size using the Brush Size Selector. Add, reorder, delete and adjust size preview to streamline your workflow all within the Size Library.

NEW! User requested enhancements: Taking direct requests from the Painter community, Painter 2022 accelerates your workflow with a number of improvements to layer productivity and other enhancements. Working with layers is now more streamlined with the new layer spotlight. Loading a mask from a selection, clearing and deleting contents of a layer and performing actions on more than one layer, such as collapsing visible layers, are all now faster and simpler than before. The Navigator offers a new grayscale preview of your work allowing for quick and easy color value studies of your compositions. New Color Burn and Color Dodge make it effortless to add lightness, glow or darkness to your work to create a more natural-looking color blend.

ENHANCED! Brush performance and speed: On any system, run the Brush Accelerator™ and optimize Painter to take advantage of your computer’s hardware for the best possible painting experience. With new optimizations, enhanced cover method brushes can see the biggest boosts across the board — on some hardware configurations, these popular brushes can be up to 50x faster — while several other favorite brush engines can be up to twice as fast.

Professional digital artists share their thoughts on why they choose Painter to create iconic masterpieces.

As a freelance artist, I’m incredibly privileged to be able to create work for Disney and help bring some of its most iconic characters to life. I simply couldn’t do it without Painter and I’m excited to take my productivity to the next level with this new version.

Joel Payne, Disney Interpretive Gallery Artist

No other digital art software rivals Painter, and I couldn’t have created the unique look of my animated film, Bombay Rose, without it. I especially love the charcoal and oil paint brushes that offer an incredibly realistic, hand-painted experience.

Gitanjali Rao, director of Bombay Rose, featured at 2019 Venice Film Festival and released on Netflix in 2021

I’ve used Painter on every movie I’ve worked on. In my opinion, it’s simply the best digital drawing and painting software available, and so close to the real thing, there’ve been instances where my digital sketches have been mistaken for real pencil and paper.

Bob Cheshire, concept artist and designer whose artwork has been featured in films including Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Endgame, and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

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Pricing & Availability

Painter 2022 offers artists an exceptional creative experience on Windows 10, macOS Big Sur 11.0 and macOS 10.15 (running on Intel- and M1-based Apple systems, with native M1 support coming later in 2021). The software is available in English, German, French, Japanese and Traditional Chinese.