OPSWAT launches MetaDefender Media Firewall

News | 24.10.2023

OPSWAT, a global leader in critical infrastructure protection (CIP) cybersecurity, announced the launch of MetaDefender Media Firewall (to replace the previous MetaDefender USB Firewall).

MetaDefender Media Firewall works with OPSWAT’s industry leading MetaDefender Kiosk to provide next-level removable media security enforcement for critical host systems, natively supporting a wider array of media types than its predecessor and preventing unscanned data from interacting with critical assets.

As critical environments are constantly dealing with the threats of removable media-borne attacks, the pairing of MetaDefender Kiosk and Media Firewall offers a true hardware-enforced and software-enabled approach to prevent known and unknown attacks on critical assets.

As threats continue to evolve, a comprehensive defense-in-depth strategy for removable media security is not a luxury but a necessity. Safeguarding against unauthorized data access and malware infiltration demands multiple layers of protection. By implementing a robust removable media security strategy, organizations can fortify their defenses and ensure the integrity of their critical data.

Yiyi Miao, Chief Product Officer, OPSWAT

MetaDefender Kiosk and Media Firewall to ensure data flow security in air-gapped networks

MetaDefender Kiosk and Media Firewall to ensure data flow security in air-gapped networks

Removable media threats are consistently listed as one of the top cybersecurity vulnerabilities for IT and OT environments alike by analysts. Many organizations have therefore chosen to internally lock down or entirely disable USB ports to reduce risk, but for some, that’s simply not feasible. With the flexible and easy-to-use implementation of MetaDefender Media Firewall and MetaDefender Kiosk, organizations can focus on maximizing productivity while staying secure from the threats posed by removable media.

The MetaDefender Media Firewall is a critical component in a defense-in-depth removable media cybersecurity strategy for IT and OT.

Key benefits of MetaDefender Media Firewall:

  • Accepts common forms of removable media (USB-A, USB-C, SD, MicroSD, and CF).
  • Automatically blocks unprocessed or compromised files.
  • Provides Boot Sector protection for host system.
  • Requires no software installation on the SCADA/HMI host system.
  • Media Firewall works with MetaDefender Kiosk to ensure a manifest of audited files via a public key site certificate that can be programmed onto the appliance prior to operation.
  • Enforce policy, regulation, and standards compliance with NERC CIP, NIST 800-53, ISA 62443, ISO 27001, and more.

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