OPSWAT awarded the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2024

News | 27.05.2024

For the third consecutive year, OPSWAT has been named a winner in 3 categories for the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards: «Intrusion Detection & Prevention», «OT Security» and «Software Supply Chain Security».

OPSWAT was again selected as a winner among 600 entries in 300 categories for demonstrating excellence, innovation and leadership in cybersecurity.

Intrusion Detection & Prevention

OPSWAT's MetaDefender Industrial Firewall & IPS earned an award in the intrusion detection & prevention category due to its custom approach to securing industrial OT environments against security threats. Recognizing the vulnerabilities created by flat network structures and basic username/password credentials, MetaDefender Industrial Firewall and IPS establishes an in-depth security approach and sits in front of industrial endpoints to protect mission-critical PLC, VFD, DCS, and other network connected devices. Operating as a transparent OSI Layer-2 bridge, MetaDefender Industrial Firewall & IPS automatically learns and enforces the normal operations of a plant environment and eliminates threats in real time. Moreover, its ease of deployment and scalability, coupled with uninterrupted operation assurance even during network failure, underscores its reliability and effectiveness in ensuring the uninterrupted and secure operation of critical industrial assets.

OPSWAT MetaDefender Industrial Firewall & IPS

OT Security

OPSWAT secured the OT security category award for its innovative solutions addressing the critical challenges presented by removable media and transient devices within industrial operational environments. The company's comprehensive suite of solutions, including MetaDefender Kiosk, Managed File Transfer, Drive, Endpoint, Media Firewall, NetWall, Industrial Firewall & IPS, and OT Security, were recognized for their ability to enable safe and compliant usage of such devices while enforcing stringent security protocols. OPSWAT's approach stands out due to its multiscanning technology, leveraging over 30 antimalware engines to prevent breaches, its focus on protecting against malicious devices, and its provision of secure content and device delivery routes. Additionally, OPSWAT's dedication to vendor consolidation and purpose-built technologies for critical industrial and OT environments, along with its commitment to simplifying security management through the My OPSWAT platform, solidify its position as a leader in OT security solutions.

OPSWAT OT security

Software Supply Chain Security

OPSWAT was recognized in the Software Supply Chain category for its MetaDefender Software Supply Chain solution - a comprehensive defense system designed to fortify organizations against the evolving threats within their software pipelines. Maximizing the in-depth threat detection and prevention technologies of the MetaDefender Platform, this solution stands out for its ability to combat malware, vulnerabilities, and hardcoded credentials present in source code. With features such as SBOM for automated inventory reporting, Multiscanning for enhanced malware detection, Proactive DLP for sensitive data identification, and Country of Origin tracking, OPSWAT ensures organic protection throughout the software lifecycle. Additionally, OPSWAT's commitment to securing the supply chain extends beyond software, showcasing additional lines of defense like MetaDefender Drive, OT Security, and Kiosk, therefore providing a multi-layered approach to safeguarding critical assets. With its emphasis on easy mitigation of supply chain risks, compliance adherence, and integration efficiency, OPSWAT is a leader in software supply chain security, offering an all-in-one solution with minimal maintenance costs and premium support.

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