[Online session recording] Successful experience of ITSM and UEM implementation in banks, retail, telecom.

Reportage | 05.12.2023

We share our experience: we demonstrate realized cases, tell you what tasks and how we managed to solve with the implementation of Ivanti ITSM and Ivanti UEM.

In this video you will learn about:

  • Patch Manager (add-on Endpoint Manager) in banks, insurance companies, retail. Centralised management console for patching, various operating systems, external devices.
  • Ivanti Endpoint Manager Security Subscription (add-on Endpoint Manager) in a bank. Control of removable devices, application control, remote ATM support.
  • Unified Endpoint Manager in retail. Organise management and support of devices on and off the network, inventory, remote connectivity, software replication on managed PCs.
  • Ivanti Neurons for ITSM & ITAM in retail and logistics companies. Fleet management, route planning, movement orders with specific conditions and KPIs, transport workload planning, tracking incidents along the route.
  • ITSM & ITAM for telecom operators. Network Operations Centre (NOC) incident management, migration from old to new system, automation of change management processes and service requests.

IT service, IT asset and endpoint management helps to optimise and reduce a company's IT infrastructure costs and improve cyber security for data and employees.