On-demand: Microsoft Teams Soars from Great to Amazing with Citrix

News | 09.10.2020

If you’re backhauling Microsoft Office 365 traffic over your WAN, users often experience jitter and hiccups when using Office 365.

There’s a better solution for poor networking performance.

You’ve probably heard about Citrix SD-WAN.

  • It’s designed to integrate with the cloud to optimize bandwidth utilization and intelligently steer traffic for optimal application experience.
  • It facilitates the integration of Office 365 traffic endpoints to the Internet for direct, minimal-latency routing.

Accelerate your business by upgrading your IT network’s performance. Citrix SD-WAN extends network connectivity with high availability and security while providing a superior user experience for all your cloud applications.

Discover how you can optimize your network with a full BYOD license and get the best digital workspace experience – whether Citrix, Microsoft Office 365, or any other SaaS.

This webinar is available in English language only.