MindManager 2020 Connects People, Data, and Platforms

News | 30.09.2019

OTTAWA, Sept. 25, 2019 - Corel today introduces MindManager 2020 for Windows, providing individuals and teams a powerful way to visualize and take control of their projects, tasks, and data. Integrating directly with the applications and platforms businesses rely on, MindManager 2020 offers a new real-time collaboration add-on, improved resource management tools for simplified project planning, enhanced mapping and visualization tools, and new Excel integrations.

MindManager helps organizations centralize their data to streamline processes and workflows.

People and platforms are better connected for a more seamless user experience

  • New Co-Editing brings individuals together across teams, offices, and time zones to work collectively in a flexible virtual environment. Available as a separate add-on for purchase, Co-Editing enables users to initiate real-time collaboration meetings in secure cloud-based sessions. Attendees do not need a MindManager license to join a user's Co-Editing session.
  • New MindManager Go for iOS and Android allows users to view, navigate, and filter maps based on tags, icons, and more.
  • The new MindManager Snap capture tool makes it easy to capture images, links, and text notes directly from a user’s desktop, Chrome browser, or mobile device. Content is stored securely in a cloud-based queue and can be added to maps via drag-and-drop in the desktop application.

Improved visualization tools and new integrations offer complete command of data

  • Gathering data and building maps and diagrams is now easier and more intuitive with a host of efficiency enhancements to core mapping and visualization tools. Flowcharting improvements make it simpler to create well-defined processes that lead to smooth workflows.
  • With the new Excel Data Mapper, users can quickly categorize and analyze Excel data imported into MindManager maps. Spreadsheet structure, organization, and style can be customized when exporting MindManager map content to Excel.

Enhanced resource management capabilities facilitate better project planning

  • MindManager 2020 introduces Project Cost Tracking, enabling single users to define and view general costs within project maps. SmartRules™ can be used to ensure budget adherence by automating alerts when costs exceed set amounts.
  • Gantt Pro functionality has been extended into MindManager’s standard Gantt chart tool, making it more flexible and powerful for single license users. MindManager Enterprise users can now view and track resource costs, in addition to general costs.

MindManager Enterprise includes MindManager 2020 for Windows, MindManager 12 for Mac, MindManager Reader (Windows & Mac) & MindManager Server App for SharePoint.

Available to teams of five or more, MindManager Enterprise offers simplified admin setup and deep integration with Microsoft Office, Project, and SharePoint. Plus, new Content Control enables Enterprise users to control editing rights and keep sensitive map content protected.