451 Research Recognizes Indegy as First Mover for Delivering Industrial Cyber Security as a Service (ICSaaS)

News | 03.10.2019

Indegy, a leading provider of security solutions for industrial control system (ICS) and operational technology (OT) environments, announced today it has been profiled in a 451 Research report called Indegy brings ICS security to the cloud with CIRRUS.

According to analyst Patrick Daly, because Indegy supplemented its passive ICS network monitoring capabilities with active queries early on, the addition of cloud technology to the portfolio makes Indegy a first mover once again. This time, the company is the first ICS security vendor to deliver industrial security as a cloud-based service.

Being recognized by 451 Research for pioneering Industrial Cyber Security as a Service (ICSaaS) is further validation for our ability to deliver new capabilities that not only make customers safer but are also easier to deploy and manage,” said Barak Perelman, CEO of Indegy. “Indegy CIRRUS makes OT security accessible to mid-sized and smaller organizations with limited resources while providing flexible new options for large distributed organizations when they need to secure remote sites and infrastructures.


According to 451 Research:

Taking its ICS security platform to the cloud is a bold move for Indegy given the general risk aversion of ICS network operators when implementing new technologies (especially ones that enable remote management and data collection via the cloud). However, there are some tailwinds that could ease the company’s transition to becoming a security-as-a-service vendor. The hardwareless version of CIRRUS is less expensive and simpler to deploy and manage than hardware-based approaches, something that should appeal to SMBs. Furthermore, IT/OT convergence has increasingly put ICS security within the domain of the CIO and the CISO, either of which may be more likely to manage ICS security through the cloud than an OT practitioner. In order to achieve broad adoption of its new architecture, however, the company will need to prove, much like it did for its active query technology, that the approach does not have the potential to disrupt network operations or expose the customer to unforeseen risks.

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