Video about TrapX & Portnox integration

Reportage | 29.08.2019

The infrastructure of cyber defense companies is usually a set of systems that are not interconnected and that need to be allocated separately resources, which significantly raises the level of costs of ownership of such systems.

TrapX and Portnox companies take this point into account and try, firstly, to help companies optimize their cyber defense, thereby improving incident response indicators, and secondly, to help create a single cyber-organism in which information about an event in a specific system is transmitted to all the company's cybersecurity decisions.

The complex TrapX + Portnox solution essentially gives the NAC eyes and ears to search for infected or compromised hosts on your network, and for the Deception Grid, it gives hands with which these hosts will be isolated. These solutions complementing each other essentially create an effective mechanism for automatically combating the infection of the local network when the perimeter has already been passed and distribution has begun.