Safe Access helps you keep your kids safe online. Synology Router Manager

News | 01.06.2019

SRM is the operating system that powers every Synology Router.

With a best-in-class user interface, Synology Router Manager (SRM) gives you detailed insights into what’s happening on your network, and helps you secure all connected devices against emerging threats.

Safe Access helps you keep your kids safe online, enforce corporate Internet policies, and understand the usage behavior of each user in your network.

User & network profiles

Easily apply Internet policies to a group of smart devices that belong to someone, or to all gadgets connecting to your network in the future.

With monitoring & reporting gain insights into each user's Internet activities, like the amount of time online today or whether there have been any attempts to visit inappropriate websites. Regular reports can be generated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for you to review recent trends.

Time management

Rather than looking for parental control software for every device your child owns – laptops, smartphones, game consoles, etc. – on Synology Router, you can do it once and be done.

Internet schedule

Set a schedule that automatically shuts down Internet access for your children's devices, telling them it's time for bed or time to go out and play.

Time quota

Let your kids decide how to allocate their Time Quota, helping them learn how to manage their time wisely.

Web filtering

With a built-in, automatically-updated web database, you can keep users away from adult, violent, gaming, social networking websites or more in just a few clicks.

Highly-customizable filters

Block a teenager from adult-only content, or create a whitelist so the younger ones can only access those approved websites


Apply different filters to different periods of the day, like no social media during homework hours

Safe Search integration

Prevent kids from accidentally stumbling onto explicit search results on YouTube, Google, or Bing

Everything at your finger tips

Wondering if a kid is behaving well at home?

DS router allows you to check whether there has been any abnormal usage right from your smartphone or tablet. You can reward them by giving a few extra hours online if everything looks good, or pause all devices if it’s time to talk.