An army of artificial users to expose a cyber attacker

News | 31.05.2019

San Jose, Calif., May 20, 2019 - TrapX Security®, a global leader in cyber deception technology, announced the release of version 6.3 of its DeceptionGrid ™ platform.
The release of the platform DeceptionGrid 6.3, which has recently been named the best deception technology in the industry, offers new creative ways to combat the most advanced cyber attacks.

DeceptionGrid is a cybersecurity tool that not only provides very accurate results, but also does not interfere with the work. DeceptionGrid's emulation trap technology is also a perfect match for industrial environments and has revolutionized the Cyber-Deception space.

Moshe Ben-Simon, CEO of TrapX Security

Here are some of the latest technology innovations that have been added to the capabilities of DeceptionGrid 6.3

  • Artificial users

The trap (bait) is now smarter than ever; they can now mimic the actions of users, acting like real exploited users. This gives attackers a false sense of a successful attack — when in reality they interact only with an artificial user in the complex cyber-attack trap. This new cyber-trap ultimately exposes hackers and their recent actions in a secure environment, while keeping real users and the organization’s network safe.

  • Hacker tracker

Thanks to the capabilities of Hacker Tracker, hackers will not remain unnoticed. Now it is possible to track hackers to their command and control points. This is done by tracking fraudulent files accessed outside the network. Deceptive files are, in essence, bait files intended for hacker access. It is important to know as much as possible about the intruders, not to mention the fraudulent insiders that allow to acquire confidential company data.

  • Create your own trap

This powerful feature allows users to create any specially designed attack surface that is identical to the user's own environment. In addition to this, a new point-and-click feature allows users to create additional fake instances of confidential web applications. Now a wider range of IoT devices is available for emulation.

  • Improved protection for Rockwell / SIEMENS SCADA controllers

TrapX Security is in close partnership with some of the world's leading manufacturing companies and is constantly creating new generations of cyber-traps that can perfectly simulate operating technology devices, such as Rockwell and Siemens industrial controllers (PLC). Attackers cannot determine whether they are trapped or in a real system, since the design and functionality of these controllers are identical.