Live Earth Visualizes Problems in Real-Time with Milestone Video Management

News | 21.03.2019

Video management systems (VMS) are an integral part of most businesses today.

Deployed cameras serve as extra eyes to monitor high-traffic areas with lots of activity and remote locations that are difficult to keep tabs on.

A VMS is a powerful tool that gives users another layer of insight by enhancing real-time understanding of what is going on near or far.

Milestone VMS serves as a foundational component in building a strong security infrastructure. Investing in such an open platform IP VMS technology increases awareness where cameras are installed, whether it be bustling city streets, industrial complexes, campus life or residential areas. Milestone’s capability to integrate easily with a range of third-party applications makes it possible for users to adopt their VMS without upending their current systems – and ready for innovations of the future.

With Milestone, users can monitor their video feeds in real-time and review stored video for historical analysis or sharing with authorities. System operators can reevaluate archived data from different perspectives to unlock valuable information and use the opportunity to collaborate with other teams. In any situation, the VMS is crucial to identify problems as they surface and resolve issues by providing a way to analyze recorded footage.

Users greatly benefit from seeing live video in the context of other real-time data feeds such as weather, traffic, and transportation for a more immersive and complete understanding of the moving parts around their operations.

To this end Milestone integrates with Live Earth—a real-time IoT visualization platform that comes ready to use with data overlays—to meet customers’ needs for an enhanced view that incorporates live video and multiple data streams onto a single platform.

Live Earth seamlessly correlates live and historical video from Milestone and synchronizes it alongside additional data to enhance situational awareness and provide actionable insights.