Netsparker announced New Application and Website Discovery Service

News | 21.01.2019

In December 2018, Netsparker new feature was announced, Netsparker Radar - Application and Service Discovery Service. This feature can both find and compile directories on websites or web applications that your online business has, including those that you may have forgotten. This will help you provide a higher level of security for all of your web applications, services, and other online support.

Why was this solution developed?

Organizations can create many web applications and services throughout their lifetime. Publicly available on the Internet is easy to remember. But created a long time or minor, can easily be forgotten. That's why we developed the Detected Sites feature to ensure that while working on improving security, you will not miss any important elements. As soon as Netsparker Radar learns about all connected applications and services, it automatically starts scanning them so that you can continue to eliminate any security threats.

How does the function of the detected sites work?

A service called Netsparker Radar operates independently of the Netsparker Enterprise product. It already has hundreds of millions of services in its database. It constantly scans the entire Internet to find sites that may belong to you.

  • All you need to do is to register with Netsparker Enterprise to start the discovery process. It starts with your commercial email and gives you offers. Then, as soon as you start adding sites, the system will begin analyzing your data and make appropriate suggestions.
  • All users with the “Website Management” permission can customize the discovery settings for services that determine how to “discover” network resources. The discovered websites feature uses parameters such as IP address or range of IP addresses, second-level domain, top-level domain, and organization name. Your configuration and data are analyzed and other suggested websites are added to the list.
  • All detected sites are listed in the new “Discovered Sites” window. In this window, you can add (create) these sites to the list of websites for scanning. In addition, you can also exclude or add to the blacklist certain websites.

This new feature extends your capabilities by allowing you to conduct a comprehensive security audit and better protect your online presence, constantly reducing the security risks of web application vulnerabilities.