4 Factors to Consider in Hosting Your Managed Email Security Solution

News | 21.05.2018

As a managed service provider with a network operations center serving multiple clients, there are a few major factors to consider before choosing the optimum email security solution. These factors may also apply to configuring your current solution to gain maximum yield from your email security investment.

Multi-Tenancy Capabilities

Are you running a multi-tenant network operations center where you centrally manage client email configuration, policy and security? If yes, the ability to manage your entire installed customer base with a single solution is imperative, particularly if different clients have different security policies and workflows.

Having a single solution that is specifically designed for multi-tenant NOCs pays significant dividends in terms of control, visibility to security threats, and efficiency when onboarding and managing client accounts.

Unlimited Policy Control

Unlimited security policy control is particularly important where your client base spans a variety of different market niches with industry-specific requirements. Examples include financial services, insurance, healthcare, accounting, etc.

To meet these challenges, you need the ability to easily create, manage and audit security policies at the user group, domain, system and even the individual user level. This allows you to fine-tune your solution to meet market-specific demands. Without this level of granularity you cannot adapt to the complexities of your customer needs or respond to frequent regulatory and security policy changes.


When your clients and their customers receive messages from your security system or log into your dashboard to view their email security metrics, what do they see? Their own brand? Or some third-party software company’s brand?

To be recognized as a true value-added provider, MSPs must incorporate their branding into as many aspects of the customer relationship as possible. This means branding all your communications with your identity, and delivering exceptional service so your brand identity grows in value.

This means your email security solution needs to have White Label capabilities so you can brand the entire experience.


Feature modularity is essential to be able to layer in additional services on a customer-by-customer and user-by-user basis. Need encryption? Check. Don’t want large file transfer? Fine. This allows you to fully tailor and deploy your solution to each client’s needs.

Modularity also means the ability to easily manage features at a granular level. The system should never force you to reinvent the wheel or create complex and opaque configurations that are difficult to update. Easy module management allows you to quickly respond to customer needs both during pre-sales activity and post-sale. This also allows you to quickly offer upsell packages that make sense to your customers without jumping through complex technical hoops.

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