Softprom start to distribute Hideez Key - password manager, RFID and 2FA.

News | 11.12.2017

December, 2017 - Softprom, one of the largest technology distributors in the CIS and СE markets, announced it has signed a distribution agreement with Hideez is an electronic hardware manufacturer specializing in cybersecurity and authentication devices and services.


With this agreement, Softprom is authorized to distribute Hideez Key - cybersecurity and authentication devices across CIS countries including Russia, and Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic.

Hideez Key is single digital key with

  • Automatic locking/unlocking of the computer, tablet or smartphone. Customer profile selection for login in case multiple profiles are available for one device.
  • External hardware password manager with automated password input that works for applications as well as for websites.
  • Theft alarm for valuables like wallet, purse or keychain.
  • Remote activation for video camera or microphone on your computer or smartphone and etc.

“Our target is to enhance the value proposition to our partners with a dedicated range of services and products. Hideez Key is convenient and reliable cybersecurity solutions and will become a daily companion for customers,” - said Pavlo Zhdanovych, managing director of Softprom.


The Hideez Key device serves as a wireless ID token, the ground part of Hideez Enterprise Solution. This identity management software is designed to provide light-weight Single Sign-ON System for corporate customers.


“The Hideez purpose is creating light, convenient and secure products for corporate employees identification - said Oleg Naumenko, CEO of Hideez Group Inc. - Successful work on the B2B market needs competent and proven partners. An experience of Softprom partners will provide our customers comprehensive and quality support. Therefore, the signed agreement is an important part of our strategy "

About Hideez
Hideez Group Inc is an electronic hardware manufacturer specializing in cybersecurity and authentication devices and services.
The company was established in 2014, by a team of seasoned hardware specialists with more than 10 years of experience in creating successful solutions. The flagship product is Hideez Key — hardware ID token, password manager, RFID and 2FA key.
About Softprom
Softprom is a leading Value Added Distributor in the Eastern Europe and CIS markets, and is trusted by over 1000 partners.
The company provides professional services in testing, training, installation, implementation and technical support. At the moment, Softprom has more 40 distribution contracts with the world’s largest vendors.