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News | 07.11.2017

In DSM 6.2 Beta, businesses can enjoy the security and reliability of the Btrfs file system. Performance tuning is also easier than ever before.


In DSM 6.2 Beta, Synology aim to provide better IT management flexibility and usability in every aspect. The new Advanced LUN, iSCSI Manager, and Storage Manager take management efficiency to a whole new level. Security update with no service downtime in SHA and abnormal DSM login detection bring you a more powerful but secure DSM.


  • The cutting-edge iSCSI service
    Sequential writing performance increased by 46% with the new Advanced LUN, enhancing storage efficiency.
  • Snapshot Replication
  • Storage Manager
    More refined, more sophisticated, inside and out
  • Synology High Availability
    A thorough refinement that brings optimized system updates, more intuitive operations, a faster initial setup, and a brand new monitoring tool.

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