Deception technology now brings comprehensive support for your cloud

News | 20.10.2017


DeceptionGrid now provides comprehensive support for both Amazon’s EC2 Cloud and the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor used in large scale OpenStack Linux environments. DeceptionGrid support for the cloud enables customers to enjoy the full benefits of a Deception in Depth architecture to deceive, detect, and defeat attackers within their cloud based deployments. DeceptionGrid brings better security and support for the most sensitive and critical applications deployed in your cloud environment.


Widespread private and public cloud adoption presents a difficult mix of security challenges. Security teams must extend operations across internal networks with a large number of cloud based applications to best support:The accurate assessment of threat intelligence on lateral movement from the network to the cloud and within the cloud. Extension of security to large and rapidly evolving cloud environments.Extension of protection to situations where the cloud and corporate network are connected through a vpn, blurring the boundaries; and Integration of cloud security with the existing security eco-system used within the corporate network.

DeceptionGrid addresses and supports all of these important requirements and provides highly accurate detection and extensive visibility into the lateral movement of threats within the evolving cloud attack surface. This visibility closes the gap in attacker detection. Lateral movement within the cloud, movement from internal networks into the cloud, and lateral movement from another segment is detected and an alert is sent immediately. Ecosystem integrations can shut down the attack rapidly to support the rapid return to normal operations. DeceptionGrid with cloud support is available now – share your interest with us and we can help you get set up.


By Ori Bach