Synology Introduces Synology C2 Backup

News | 27.09.2017

Synology Inc. introduced Synology C2 Backup, a cost-effective and on-premise cloud backup solution for protecting important data stored on Synology NAS.

"The demand for off-site data protection has been increasing. Due to the flexibility of cloud backup, it is playing a vital role in meeting customers' various needs," said Jia-Yu Liu, Senior Manager of Cloud & Backup Division at Synology Inc. "To ensure a consistent experience on both local and cloud backups for our users, Synology has spent over a year building our own data center to provide the most optimized and cost-effective cloud backup solutions."


Synology C2 Backup offers two flexible plans to meet customers' various needs.


Plan I fulfills essential backup needs with the following features:
  • Daily backup with regular retention
  • Up to 11 backup versions for the past 30 days with no additional fees
  • Flexible plan selection of 100 GB, 300 GB, and 1 TB storage capacities
Plan II is more advanced, with features including:
  • Flexible backup schedules
  • Customizable retention policies
  • Data deduplication for storage usage optimization
  • Terabytes of storage capacity


For new subscribers, Synology C2 Backup offers a 30-day free trial to try out all the great features.


Synology C2 Backup is available on DiskStation, RackStation, and FlashStation.