New Wacom Signature Display Products

News | 29.09.2023

Introducing Wacom's latest innovation: the Signature Displays — Wacom Signature Display 13 Pen & Touch and Wacom Signature Display 12.

These revolutionary eDocument solutions are set to transform digital signature capture across key industries. With a plug-and-play single-cable connection, Wacom Signature Displays simplify digital document signing, form filling, and annotation.

Hospitals, banks, insurance companies, and other sectors benefit from cost reduction, data security, and enhanced workflow efficiency.

Key Features and Benefits of Wacom's hardware products DTC121 and DTH134:

  • Enhanced User Experience: Featuring anti-glare etched glass screens, our displays provide an optimal viewing and signing experience, and a Touch version for direct customer interaction.
  • Optimal Size: Wacom’s 13-inch displays allow for almost A4-sized content in a compact footprint, perfect for efficient document handling.
  • Nice design: improving customer experience at POS and giving better POS/counter design.
  • Effortless Setup: Setup is a breeze with USB-C connectivity, eliminating the need for bulky adapters.
    These displays are Citrix and VMware certified, supporting both pen and touch input.
  • Secure Transactions: Advanced encryption ensures legal binding electronic signatures are captured securely.

Signature Display 13” – DTH134

With a 13.3" Full HD resolution LCD screen, touch functionality, and state-of-the-art encryption, the USB-powered Wacom Signature Display 13 Pen & Touch Display sets a new standard in eDocument solutions.

<img alt="The DTH134’s spacious, vivid and touch-enabled 13.3" full-hd="" lcd"="" class="img-fluid" data-cke-saved-src="/sites/default/files/2020/dth-134-DTH134_Signature-Display-13_Wacom-for-Business-products-hardware-products.jpg" src="/sites/default/files/2020/dth-134-DTH134_Signature-Display-13_Wacom-for-Business-products-hardware-products.jpg">

Besides the fancy and modern look and feel of the devices, we are happy to point out some exciting features like

  • USB-C connectivity (both models)
  • Touch (MultiTouch) functionality on the 13”
  • No need for additional drivers like DisplayLink (both models)
  • Integrated USB HUB (both models)

For more please see the detailed datasheet: DTC121 and DTH134

Wacom offers a comprehensive suite of software tools and development kits (SDKs) to assist system integrators in seamlessly incorporating signature displays into their paperless customer workflows. Softprom is the official distributor of Wacom.