New elearning: installing and configuring XProtect Management Server Failover

News | 09.06.2022

The XProtect® Management Server Failover was recently introduced for XProtect Corporate and Expert R1 2022 versions as part of the 2022 R1 release. It’s an add-on feature that provides a reliable backup of the Management Server.

Learn how to install and configure XProtect Management Server Failover

This eLearning course provides you with the skills needed to install and configure the add-on. It is designed for integrators and system administrators and will teach you how to:

  • Explain the benefits of having a redundant Management Server
  • Install a custom XProtect in Corporate or Expert
  • Configure the XProtect Management Failover
  • Create a rule to alert you to a failover event
  • Restart a Management Server from the web console

Find it here: with your My Milestone login.