National Technical University of Ukraine (KPI) joins to the program Softprom and Cadence AWR .

News | 04.06.2020

At the beginning of 2020, the radio engineering faculty of the National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" joined the program for providing technical universities of Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus with professional AWR tools. Less than a week was needed to coordinate the organizational aspects of cooperation and installation of licenses.

Recall that the Cadence AWR Design Environment software is a full-fledged platform for the development and simulation of RF and microwave devices, and allows circuit simulation, simulation and 2D/3D electromagnetic verification of active and passive circuits, antenna devices and systems.

At the Radio Engineering Faculty of KPI, AWR Design Environment software is used in the educational process at the Department of Theoretical Foundations of Radio Engineering for the preparation of special disciplines: SMART Systems, Antennas and Microwave Band Devices, and Radio System Engineering. AWR has also become a computing environment for faculty research and graduate students. Already now, after several months of using the products, we can summarize the first results and say with confidence that KPI students will become even more in demand and savvy in modern technologies for designing high-frequency devices.

Softprom continues to provide information support to the radio engineering faculty of KPI, including by providing access to current versions and modules of AWR products, training materials, and successful cases of international projects.

The university plans to expand the use of AWR software in other faculties.

To participate in the program, contact Softprom, the official partner of Cadence AWR in Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus.