MVISION Private Access is the new McAfee Enterprise solution

News | 06.08.2021

Introducing MVISION Private Access, an industry-leading Zero Trust Network Access solution with integrated Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) capabilities.

MVISION Private Access is the industry’s first truly integrated Zero Trust Network Access solution that enables blazing fast, granular "Zero Trust" access to private applications and provides best-in-class data security with leading data protection, threat protection, and endpoint protection capabilities, paving the way for accelerated Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) deployments.

Built on the fundamentals of "Zero Trust", ZTNAs deny access to private applications unless the user identity is verified, irrespective of whether the user is located inside or outside the enterprise perimeter. Additionally, in contrast to the excessive implicit trust approach adopted by VPNs, ZTNAs enable precise, "least privileged" access to specific applications based upon the user authorization.

Why does ZTNA matter for remote workforce security and productivity?

  • Direct-to-app connectivity: ZTNA facilitates seamless, direct-to-cloud and direct-to-datacenter access to private applications. This eliminates unnecessary traffic backhauling to centralized servers, reducing network latency, improving the user experience and boosting employee productivity.
  • Explicit identity-based policies: ZTNA enforces granular, user identity-aware, and context-aware policies for private application access. By eliminating the implicit trust placed on multiple factors, including users, devices and network location, ZTNA secures organizations from both internal and external threats.
  • Least-privileged access: ZTNA micro-segments the networks to create software-defined perimeters and allows “least privileged” access to specific, authorized applications, and not the entire underlying network. This prevents overentitlement of services and unauthorized data access. Micro-segmentation also significantly reduces the cyberattack surface and prevents lateral movement of threats in case of a breach.
  • Application cloaking: ZTNA shields private applications behind secure gateways and prevents the need to open inbound firewall ports for application access. This creates a virtual darknet and prevents application discovery on public Internet, securing organizations from Internet-based data exposure, malware and DDoS attacks.

MVISION Private Access, from McAfee Enterprise, is designed for organizations in need for an all-encompassing security solution that focuses on protecting their ever-crucial data, while enabling remote access to corporate applications. The solution combines the secure access capabilities of ZTNA with the data and threat protection capabilities of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) to offer the industry’s leading integrated, data-centric solution for private application security, while utilizing McAfee’s industry-leading Endpoint Security solution to derive deep insights into the user devices and validating their security posture before enabling zero trust access.

McAfee MVISION Private Access

What Sets MVISION Private Access apart?

  • Integrated data loss prevention (DLP) and industry-leading Remote Browser Isolation (RBI): Enables advanced threat protection and complete control over data collaborated through private access sessions, preventing inappropriate handling of sensitive data, blocking files with malicious content and securing unknown traffic activity to prevent malware infections on end-user devices.
  • SASE readiness with UCE integration: MVISION Private Access converges with MVISION UCE to deliver complete data and threat protection to any device at any location in combination with other McAfee security offerings, that include Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), and Endpoint Protection, while enabling direct-to-cloud access in partnership with leading SD-WAN vendors. This ensures a consistent user experience across web, public SaaS, and private applications.
  • Endpoint security and posture assessment: MVISION Private Access leverages industry-leading McAfee Endpoint Security powered by proactive threat intelligence from 1 billion sensors to evaluate device and user posture, which informs a risk-based zero trust decision in real-time. The rich set of telemetry, which goes well beyond the basic posture checking performed by competitive solutions, allows organizations to continuously assess the device and user risks, and enforce adaptive policies for private application access.
  • Securing unmanaged devices with clientless deployments: MVISION Private Access secures access from unmanaged devices through agentless, browser-based deployment, enabling collaboration between employees, external partners or third-party contractors in a most frictionless manner.

With MVISION Private Access customers can establish granular, least privileged access to their private applications hosted across cloud and IT environments, from any device and location, while availing all the goodness of McAfee’s leading data and threat protection capabilities to accelerate their business transformation and enable the fastest route to SASE.

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