LiveAction Introduces Visibility as a Service for Service Providers

News | 27.11.2023

LiveAction introduces Visibility as a Service (VaaS) for Service Providers (SP) and Managed Service Providers (MSP), enhancing network and application performance visibility for enterprise customers. Leveraging LiveAction's leading network intelligence products, including LiveSP, LiveNX, and LiveWire, this offering provides end-to-end visibility, monitoring, and reporting across multi-tenant networks. With 93% of enterprises adopting a multi-cloud strategy and 94% planning SD-WAN deployment within two years, Visibility as a Service enables SPs and MSPs to address performance challenges in evolving networks, ensuring agility and productivity for growing enterprises.

Business productivity is more dependent upon network visibility than ever. Just think of all the applications we rely on like Slack, Salesforce, Online Banking, CRM & ERP, Healthcare, etc… where the stability of the network is key and which allows us to conduct business rapidly across the globe. Jitter or performance drops in any of these crucial applications can slow or even paralyze productivity. That can be enormously expensive for an enterprise and traditional network monitoring tools are often too slow to fix those performance issues. Visibility as a Service comes as a way to remediate these kinds of performance issues cheaply, quickly and easily.

Simon Najarian, Customer Success Manager at LiveAction

Visibility as a Service (VaaS) empowers enterprises with troubleshooting tools like packet capture, overcoming the limitations of costly appliances. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) now have access to robust solutions at an affordable monthly rate, democratizing capabilities typically reserved for larger enterprises.

For Managed Service Providers (MSPs), VaaS presents an opportunity to enhance visibility services. Leveraging the LiveAction suite, MSPs can offer infrastructure and application performance visibility, as well as end-to-end SD-WAN performance visibility, generating recurring revenue. Automation tools streamline operations, enabling proactive issue identification and personalized service offerings for increased customer retention.

LiveAction provides unmatched visibility into network and application performance from a single pane of glass. This gives enterprises confidence that the network is meeting business objectives, offers IT administrators full visibility for better decision making, and reduces the overall cost of operations.

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