Live pointers in Google Slides

News | 29.09.2023

To boost collaboration in Google Slides, Google introduced live pointers, a new feature that allows you and your colleagues to see each other’s mouse pointers in real-time.

With this update in Google Slides, co-creators can easily point out specific text or visual elements within a Slide in order to highlight important information and content.

Live pointers help to build connections when you're collaborating in real-time with others.

Collaborate more seamlessly with live pointers in Google Slides

This feature is OFF by default. To make your pointer visible to collaborators, go to View > Live pointers > show my pointer. You can also turn the feature on by using the pointer icon in the toolbar. Live pointers will remain visible across all slides until you turn them OFF.

You can hide collaborator pointers for the current session by going into present mode, or by going to View > Live pointers > show collaborator pointers.

i Available to all Google Workspace customers and users with personal Google Accounts

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