Ivanti: Work Anywhere. Secure Everywhere.

News | 23.02.2024

Enhanced security posture. Continuous risk management. Reduced disruption. Build a comprehensive, scalable, and industry framework-aligned cybersecurity strategy fit for your organization's work environment with Ivanti solutions. Risk and security management—from users and their devices to networks, applications, and data. Automate, and Prioritize.

Ivanti: Six Steps to a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Program

  1. Get complete asset visibility.
  2. Manage devices in a single platform.
  3. Establish device hygiene. Get up-to-the-minute insight about every patch and the associated vulnerabilities at your endpoints. Then, automatically prioritize response and remediate vulnerabilities based on the likelihood of a breach.
  4. Secure your users. Eliminate the cause of 61% of data breaches: Passwords. Opt for passwordless authentication with secure mobile devices as the means for user identity.
  5. Provide secure access. Leverage a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) approach that creates an identity-and-context-based, logical access boundary around applications to reduce your attack surface.
  6. Manage your compliance and risk. Optimize your cybersecurity management and spend.

Work Anywhere. Secure Everywhere. | Ivanti

Ivanti specializes in 5 key segments: unified management console (UEM), IT service management (ITSM), IT asset management (ITAM), reporting and monitoring.

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