Ivanti Neurons EASM is a new solution for External Attack Surface Management

News | 12.04.2024

Ivanti Neurons for External Attack Surface management (EASM) — new solution, which helps combat attack surface expansion with full visibility of external-facing assets and actionable intelligence on exposures.

With the evolution of Everywhere Work comes an increasingly complex threat landscape and the progression of threat-actor tactics. Security teams are struggling to attain visibility of external-facing assets and exposures across their attack surface. Ivanti Neurons for EASM provides a comprehensive, continuous view of internet-facing assets and exposures. Armed with this intelligence, users can minimize high-risk exposures to proactively protect against cyberattacks.

Reveal high-risk exposures on internet-facing assets that require remediation to protect against data breaches, fines and downtime. is a critical component to a full-spectrum cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM) solution. It drives cyber resilience by discovering all digital assets and prioritizing associated exposures for remediation. We are dedicated to providing our customers with technologies that enable a seamless, secure workplace which is why we offer comprehensive solutions within a singular portfolio

Srinivas Mukkamala, Chief Product Officer, Ivanti

Ivanti Neurons EASM: Reveal high-risk exposures on internet-facing assets that require remediation to protect against data breaches, fines and downtime.

Ivanti Neurons EASM: Key capabilities

  • Achieve full visibility: Unlock visibility of every internet-facing asset and associated exposure across your organization’s attack surface. Agentless monitoring uncovers assets that evade detection by traditional discovery tools, as well as those that aren’t normally monitored by security teams.
  • Prioritize high-risk exposures: Leverage actionable intelligence on exposures across your external attack surface to determine where to direct remediation efforts.
  • Report on risk: Satisfy reporting requirements from senior-level security stakeholders and aid in due diligence on potential acquisitions, partners and vendors with PDF reports.
  • Address attack surface gaps: Tap into the power of Ivanti Neurons to close critical attack surface gaps.

Extensive Ivanti Neurons EASM use cases

  • Discover and inventory digital assets.
  • Analyze and prioritize exposures.
  • Curb cloud sprawl and shadow IT.
  • Detect data leakage.
  • Reduce phishing and social engineering attacks.
  • Adhere to regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Conduct risk assessment on subsidiaries, third parties and acquisition targets.

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